A Change Can Do You Good

This has been a funny old week. Everything seems to have been a little off. Not wrong, just off.

You know how you can get stuck in a knitting rut? And nothing can make it interesting for you? I totally reached that this week. I was happily plodding along, knitting socks for the gift draw (not my secret Christmas knitting – don’t worry) when it just stopped being fun. I had completed five socks in a row, and I just could not face the idea of casting on another sock. It was time for a change.

Chunky knitting

I dug around my stash, and found 10 balls of the lovely Rowan Alpaca Soft in a rich mustard colour. This knits up on 6mm needles into a lovely soft fabric. After a quick search on Ravelry, I found the perfect pattern for it – One More Notch by Robin Dodge. One More Notch is a delightful wrap around cardigan – or Jardigan to the lovely ladies of Knit Chorlton, as it could be a cardigan or a jumper/sweater. It is so nice to be knitting something so simple, that grows so quickly, and requires so little concentration.

I’m sure that as soon as this is finished, I will be back to knitting socks, and maybe even a lace shawl – but for not I will just enjoy the simpleness.

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